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Vancouver Island Soccer Referees Association



VISRA is the representative of over 100 soccer referees across the Island. VISRA is an area association of the BC Soccer Referees Association, an associate member of the BC Soccer Association and a founding member of the Canadian Soccer Referees Association. VISRA members officiate for five separate leagues, four tournaments, and countless social functions. VISRA members include District, Provincial, and National Referee Assessors and Instructors. We aim to provide the highest standard of soccer refereeing for games on the Island.
Other Goals of VISRA listed below.

Regular monthly meetings are held the third week of each month.
Each meeting starts with an hour of referee education at 7:15 PM.

Executive Members 2013:


 Mark McNally Dawes

 Vice President

 John Kilbank
 Secretary  vacant

 Christian Hauer 

Director 1

 Michael McNally Dawes

Director 2

 Scott Bakker

Assessment Coordinator

 Alex Milne


 Larry Cade


 Trevor Williams


 Werner Schwan

Other Goals of VISRA....

BCSRA is the voice for all levels of Referee's in British Columbia and is an advocate for all referees. Its membership consists of dedicated referees, instructors and/or assessors that are involved in the game from the grass roots level all the way through to the Professional and International Levels. The BCSRA holds Associate Membership with the BC Soccer Association, soccer's provincial governing body, and representatives from the BCSRA are members of BC Soccer's Referee Development Committee.

As a member of the BCSRA, and especially as a member of a local Area Association, the referee has a place to present his or her thoughts, concerns, and ideas relating to refereeing matters, including the provincial development of themselves and his or her colleagues. It also allows the referee to be involved in advanced educational sessions, and in some areas, regularly scheduled training sessions.

The object of VISRA is: 

  • To foster and promote the highest possible standard of soccer refereeing within the geographic boundaries of Vancouver Island and Powell River.
  • To improve the standard of soccer refereeing.
  • To protect the welfare of the members from unjust or unfair treatment.
  • To assist or take action (legal or otherwise) for and on behalf of any member unfairly or unjustly treated.
  • To make such representations to the governing bodies as may be thought necessary for the good of the game and benefit of soccer referees and soccer refereeing.
  • To assume the responsibility for any other matters regarding the duties and performance of refereeing soccer within the geographic boundaries of this Association.
  • To assist in maintaining a steady supply of suitable candidates to take up refereeing.
  • To educate members to a more complete understanding of the game of soccer
  • To educate members to a more complete understanding their responsibilities as a referee.

    Benefits of joining VISRA:

    • Education at monthly VISRA meetings.
    • Access to VISRA library which includes video tapes, books, magazines, etc.
    • Involvement in the VISRA Standardization program.
    • Availability of a mentor system.
    • Membership in the BC Soccer Referees Association (BCSRA)

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