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About Us

The British Columbia Soccer Referee Association (BCSRA) was formed in 1969. The purpose of our association is to assist referees in all aspects of refereeing and referee development; to represent referees interests in the British Columbia soccer community; to help promote consistency in officiating through on-going mentoring and education, and to foster relationships among referees. BCSRA Area Associations hold regular meeting which give referees an opportunity to share experiences, participate in on-going education sessions, to socialize and to speak with one voice.  BCSRA is actively working to develop and foster additional referee groups to facilitate grassroots education and mentoring of referees.

BCSRA membership is voluntary and renewed annually. The fees are on a sliding scale and are shared between the Provincial body (BCSRA) and the various Area Associations. Membership fees are used locally and provincially to provide education materials, meeting and education opportunities, referee scholarships, and other activities that foster the on-going betterment of refereeing in the province.

We are actively working to get more referees involved in our association. If you have found this website you are likely a referee! Have a look at our calendar for what is happening in your area. If there is no referee group started yet, get in touch and find out how you can help.

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Message from President Nick Hawley


It is with great pride and some excitement that I take on the role of president of the BC Soccer Referees Association.  I hope that I can do you proud in my term and that we can start to build the organisation up back up to the size and stature it was many years ago.  To do this, we the board - Laurie Miller; Robin Woods, Richard Brownie, Elvio Chies and myself intend to take the following action:

  1. embark on a communication and marketing campaign for the Association
  2. establish many more education session venues around the province
  3. deliver standardised education packages
  4. work with the youth and adult leagues to help them develop and educate their referees
  5. speak on behalf of referees at the provincial level and to BC Soccer
  6. bring together the three remaining chapters to strengthen each other
  7. dialogue with the CSRA either to empower them to be the national voice of referees providing value for money or to agree to go our separate ways and save substantial funds to use for local education

I see the Association as being a lobbying group for referees, a source of educational materials and educators, a forum for referees to meet with peers and an organisation that can support referees in discipline/employment issues.  I hope that this is what you want of your board and your Association.  If it is, then please help us spread the word, increase membership and become a powerful and respected voice for referees in the province.

Nick Hawley
May, 2011

Two Refs

Benefits of Membership

  • Fellowship – opportunity to meet other referees
  • Membership in both BC Soccer Referees Association and Canadian Soccer Referees Association
  • Annual membership gift
  • Access to meetings held by any Area Association
  • Email notifications – newsletters, events, meetings and matters of interest
  • Social opportunities
  • Education sessions on application of the Laws
  • A united voice for referees


President: Chris Wattam

Vice-President: Mike Hood

Treasurer / Registrar: Andy Li

Secretary: Asia Robinson

Immediate Past President: Nick Hawley

Director-at-Large (BCSRA): Robin Woods

Director-at-Large (FVSRA): Andy Pinter

Director-at-Large (VASRA): Elvio Chies

Director-at-Large (VISRA): Rex Craig

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