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Welcome to the British Columbia Soccer Referees Association website.

The purpose of this site is to put information of interest to referees in one location. We are keen to add content as we come across it - and to make our content as complete as possible. If you have information that we should post or if you don’t find what you are looking for, please get in touch with the site administrator: bcreferees@gmail.com. We welcome content ideas.


VASRA Meetings - the last Monday of each month 
by Wahl
 8/18/2015 12:45 PM

 Events of Note

New Provincial Executive Elected!
Congratulations to the members of the new Provincial Executive who were elected at the Annual General Meeting held May 7th:
President: Chris Wattam
Vice-President: Mike Hood
Secretary: Asia Robinson
Treasurer: Robin Woods 
Director-without-Portfolio: Andy Li
Area Association-appointed Directors: Andy Pinter (FV), Elvio Chies (VA), Larry Cade (VI)
Immediate Past President: Nick Hawley
2016 Dan Kulai/Jack Tinnion Scholarship 
Congratulations to Nicholas On of Coquitlam for being the recipient of this year's scholarship! Nicholas was presented with his award at a recent meeting of the Vancouver Area branch (VASRA).

Call for submissions for the 2017 Scholarship will be annouced early next year.

Referee Registration - BC Soccer
Annual registration with BC Soccer started on April 1, 2016.  Every referee in the province needs to re-register annually to be a referee in good standing.  The
BC Soccer registration system is on-line.

If you are already a referee you can become a member of BCSRA by signing up below. If you are not yet a referee and what to become one, you need to take referee training.  To find out about courses go to BC Soccer Referee Clinics.
Are you a Referee or Former Referee? Join/Renew Now to become a member of the society of your peers called the British Columbia Soccer Referees Association (BCSRA)! 
Renewals can be done online too!

BCSRA registration is online!
You must be a Referee or Former Referee to become a member!
Click on the link above to become a member now. Go to the Membership Details link to find out more.

Membership Details
Annual membership - $10 to $25
18 years of age and under - $10

For more information email us: 

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