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Every year the BC Soccer Referees Association awards a scholarship to a young referee who is going on to further education. The scholarship is $1000 and is awarded on merit according to the following criteria:


Typical Supporting Evidence

Working to progress in refereeing

Entry level/district/regional/provincial/


Refereeing Experience

How many years, what divisions/levels as  CR and AR

Contribution to Refereeing Community

Mentored younger referees? Acted as assignor or scheduler? Assisted local soccer assn. in any way?

Effort to self-improve

Number of hours spent: attending referee education sessions; in the candidates program;  at BCSRA meetings etc.

Level of professionalism applied to refereeing

Submit assessments with application, score and number of assessments

Reference from Referee in Chief

This should confirm some of the above

Evidence of good communication skills

Professionalism shown in the presentation of the application

Special qualities shown in the application, not covered above

The review panel can award these points at their discretion for qualities relevant to refereeing not reflected in points above.

If you are graduating please apply!  The application form can be found on this site. 

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