About Us

BCSRA is a not for profit organisation dedicated to supporting all referees in the province.

  • Though we only have chapters in Vancouver, Fraser Valley and Victoria we are trying to reach and support referees anywhere in BC.
  • Whether you are a member or not doesn’t matter, we are here to help you, if you see value, join us. It’s your choice.
  • Our mandate is to provide venues for education and networking of referees.
  • We are also mandated to lobby on behalf of referees, to ensure that referees are treated fairly and respected by all.  We also lobby for referee development – mentoring, head referee support, referee assault protocols and development to enable referees to reach FIFA levels.
  • We are proud to be associate members of BC Soccer and support their work in grassroots education.

We are not BC Soccer – the accrediting body for all referees in the province. If you are doing your annual renewal, looking for badges, or want to sign up for referee training – you need to go to the BC Soccer site.

A Brief History of BCSRA Initiatives and Accomplishments

  • The association started a scholarship in memory of Dan Kulai, a former treasurer in the branch that is now known as the Vancouver Area Soccer Referees Association (VASRA);
  • The association has been leading the charge in getting Canadian FIFA Referee Werner Winsemann inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame;
  • In 2001, largely through the efforts of Vancouver Area branch President Jose Branco, the association hosted a symposium featuring FIFA and Euro 2000 FIFA referee Vitor Pereira;
  • In 2002 the association sponsored a dinner with the referees of the inaugural Women’s U-19 World Cup who were posted to the Burnaby site;
  • In 2003 the association’s newsletter was renamed “The Flag & Whistle with a new format and produced quarterly;
  • The association members acted as drivers for the match officials, match inspector and match commissar for the two World Cup qualifying matches held at Swangard Stadium. The Vancouver Area branch also acted as the security detail for the game;
  • Up to 2005, the BCSRA was a member of the BC Soccer Referee Development Committee;
  • BCSRA issues a Handbook and a Manual for its members – these two documents provide information for BC referees about the structure of soccer in this province, educational materials, information regarding dealing with incidents and a plethora of information about how to get experience and climb the refereeing ladder;
  • In 1999, 2004, 2006, 2007 the BCSRA hosted the AGM of its parent body, the Canadian Soccer Referees Association along with the guest speakers for the event, including Canadian FIFA Assistant Referee Hector Vergara;
  • In 2005 the association produced a promotional video to help market the association;
  • In 2008 BCSRA produced “In the Eye of the Whistle” DVD with an interview of Canadian FIFA referee and RA member Mauricio Navarro;
  • The association celebrated its 40th anniversary by honouring some of its founding members. A commemorative coin was minted to mark the event (to be given to all members);
  • Since 2012 BCSRA has hosted a Facebook site, providing a forum for referees to swap thoughts and ideas and includes a “thought for the week”